hr ep

by CottonMouth

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Recorded in two days at the Glow Studio


released November 18, 2014

Joshua Evans-drums
Robbie Rapp-Bass
CJ Brown-keys
Ben Taylor-vox
JayCub Lake-vox

Engineered by Jesse Mangum
Produced by Jesse Mangum and CottonMouth
Moeke Records 2014



all rights reserved


CottonMouth Athens, Georgia

“I had never seen the jungle. They fed me behind bars from an iron pan till one night I felt that I was Bagheera - the Panther - and no man's plaything, and I broke the silly lock with one blow of my paw and came away; and because I had learned the ways of men, I became more terrible in the jungle than Shere Khan.” ... more

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Track Name: (Intro)Verted
we spend hrs
to get what's our's
Track Name: Black Space
lay down, let's regress
done with knee jerk stress
iron me, perma press
that dress in this breeze
obvious allusion to 2+2
cause every body knows
what you get when you do
for it's a commonly kept secret
but in this seemingly listless corner
we can't keep it
eye-line has met nine times
cat's last limb before my mind finds
this chase needs ending
rules are broke from bending
and amending laws to fill my needs
some seeds when...

you you you you you are are are are are what's up

putting an exclamation point at the end of every sentence
is too overwhelming young man
get okay with the period
the end of blood will be you if you don't chew your share
no good if it's not ecstatic
how tragic
well, punctuations in particular situations
lie first, comma, save yourself
investing wealth in every conversation
woke up with your shoes on
cause you stayed til all the goo'd gone
black space, my words come through in traces when...

you you you you you are are are are are what's up
Track Name: Double Brown
you better get back, okay?
wasted three days
and now there is no way that i'll stay
here i am again
and i'm feelin
like i can't say what's on my brain
another two ton illusion
carried me to a life
that i was never to receive
i power over with trees
relieve sediment with the sieves
and i meant to reveal just how i deel
and not deceive
cause honestly i like the time we spend facing
but 4chambers keep erasing
and i start back from 1
we minus hrs under puns
these jokes that choke reality
perhaps her name was malady
get rad, you can't get mad at me
it's been 3-6-5 since i flew about the hive
and found a bee that interests me
yeah, she's a worker
still a queen
but what's it mean for something to work out?
all things will come to an end
now is there even any doubt?
we could elongate, pontificate, and learn to hate
or get it straight
i think we gotta lotta potential
but did i mention at all
these growing sowings of smallness
that all this isn't really worth my mind or time?
your spine's fine from your top to your bottom
careful kiss em til ya really, really got em
cause it might just fall apart
heartless flotsam, dead blossom
cause flowers weren't meant to live
away from where the life source is
Track Name: Hi, Boi
i got so high
man, i was sittin in my next life
i don't know why
i turned and asked her for a fast light
cleared the corners
cobwebs cut with a flashlight
and sped things i always thought a little bit of gas might
get us unglued
double time, chopped and screwed
ain't tryin to start a feud
just want a new point of view
new legs to cross too
fuzzy skin, peachy smooth
sayer of sooth says we gonna get uncouth
if that's the truth, then pour vermouth
we can do whatever you like
we learning like trikes, training wheel bikes
you got to take them off eventually
girl, there's no tellin where this night will lead potentially
we roll another spliff, we smoke
for minds like penitentiaries
lock em down, flipping frown
go to town, we try to drown
nostalgia stickin in my gut too much
it's been this way way too long
i write this song, i right this wrong
my past is just that baby
nerves to the touch, to the...

I need some things to look forward to
bring mood rings 'round to a deeper blue
and i'll simmer stew and taste it slowly
don't get burned
a heart spurned is enough for metal stomachs to turn
and i run to be alone
i stare at phones
i'm needing reply
supply me with a reason to retire these sighs
such why's could only spin us glazing donuts
ham-bone, yam-tone
sweeter to speed my flow up
a chain of throw-up
a reactionary, reflexive yield
it's a shield
against feeling what i'm afraid to feel
i'm afraid to feel

so i get high boy
don't let no body bring me down
(you might wanna do the same)
(cause i wonder about you sometimes)
Track Name: My Name
i am the son
of something that will never come
i can’t just do this just for fun
it's life and limb and i'm the sum
it equals desperately
needing an ear for fallen trees
i wrap myself for sleep with leaves
sweetness, honey, the sting of bees
man-cub, product of my placement
i might not fit but you can find out what my space meant
I leave no trace when
I drink and stay in
surroundings keep on grounding when i got these wings
no need for things

when i got this air to breathe
bottle full throttle's got me certainly
but i can’t say that i don’t love these missing pieces
another beat, someone to meet, another thesis
i think i’d like to take another recess
animal free press
nominal me mess
laws of the land written by a different hand
respect the cub in me man and perhaps my be will be grand

sand trickles and my liver pickles
i'm gripping the scythe and sickle with my every nickel
and the core is hard but most would find it far too far
to put down what’s in the heart expressing something besides what type of car
man, i’m in the real world and it’s not easy
i'll kill to eat bones, to beat meat, man, to please me
nobody sees me
know i got schemes
secrets behind the themes
man, ya know what i mean?


born by normal means
abandoned baby by the stream
the pack them, yeah, they heard my screams
from different dreams, nightmare fodder
took my place
just try to look me in the face
I killed the tiger, tamed the snakes
skinned it, folks are full of fakes
no shere khan could ever ever be on my level
people couldn’t handle my mind cause it’s the devil
i learned all the laws here but i’m disheveled
jungle is harsh but it is here i have to revel

get on my level
bring yourself down to my level