by CottonMouth

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released July 31, 2013



all rights reserved


CottonMouth Athens, Georgia

“I had never seen the jungle. They fed me behind bars from an iron pan till one night I felt that I was Bagheera - the Panther - and no man's plaything, and I broke the silly lock with one blow of my paw and came away; and because I had learned the ways of men, I became more terrible in the jungle than Shere Khan.” ... more

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Track Name: Some Wear
She said where are you from
I says it doesn't really matter
Cause the people are the same no matter what they're getting fatter
Mom said boy you're twenty what's with all the fuss and clatter
Cause the people just the people their the pupils of a pattern
Blinders to to the fuckin sidewinder
That is sweeping from the east
Insatiable unstable signals couldn't start to fill the beast
That is coming with this beat
So y'all sit back and take a seat
While I take ya somewhere you ain't never been

Seeing sideways
Here goes my way
Fuckin Fridaze
Or the highway
Best receive it when you see it
Otherwise I might just keep it
All to myself again
I'm all to myself again
Keep it all to myself my friend
I'm all to myself again

Now why don't you tell me what this is really all about
There's not much to it really I am leavin I am out
Just like that? Just like that
I'll be singin til my screaming slowly turns into a shout

That's not the way to go about it
This peace of my provision
Keep ya breathing shouldn't doubt it
Work it out now long division
Track Name: People
Turn this way girl can't you see
That your bit of heaven is not inside me
Stop Waiting for the day when I fly away
I'll hop on this beat while I still got something to say
Maybe I'm done sittin down for authority
Perhaps there's been a shift in my priorities
Don't skew it up perpendic
Barbecue and finger lick
My every move is pertinent
And these people just keep ignoring it

Well it's cottonmouth coming at you from the middle of the street
Skatebird have you heard that all of this concrete
Is meant for walkin on
Planet is a separate zone
Keep us feelin undergrown
Breaking solid backbones
Do what we gotta do
Cutting through the grass to the store for some food
What we gonna eat tonight?
Smoke before we sleep tight dream light to dream right
Despite that nothing seems right and these

People always try to control my day
People take what's mine and make me have to pay
People always find ways to shape my face
And people always die this isn't just a phase

All you people...are you people?

Pullin the pin does not impress
Even the best can't dress the way we want cause money taunts anxiety haunts
So I flaunt what I made instead of eating getting gaunt
Out there grown up in here
Can't fear for love gotta love what ya hear
See with your ears
Reach in ya head and turn some gears
Stop following just to follow
Swallowing something hollow
Leaves ya hungry tomorrow
Track Name: Honegry
Why ya always gotta be so damn hungry
Feel a little grumble and ya climbing on me
Try to feed the face, now I'm gettin lonely
Cast the first beat, let it sit and stone me

Eat my plate
Ain't it great
Rather be fed than to create
Open up
I'll be enough
To get ya through breakfast
Reheat for lunch
Timing crunch, ya shouldn't read too much
Most of its gone ill save the rest for when I want you
Go on and feed your face
I wanna feed your fass now
Track Name: A Wall
I think I hear em through the window
The music here is too low
Everything is so slow
Maybe we should all go
A wall

I don't know what I'm doing here
But I am doing it with you
Feels like its been centuries
As minutes march on through
Turn the music up louder
Let them feel the fucking power
It resonates through the window
But not everyone knows what we know
So keep it down

Hang your head out of a moving car
Feeling like a star
No body could stop you now
Your image they can't mar
Scared when you go face to face
You dont want to find that place
Where everything is easier
And your skin becomes the space
Chew it up baby swallow hard
You wouldn't want to find a trace
You'll go back inside to find everything has been replaced
Because what's mine is gone
Track Name: Smoked
I smoke more than I I eat
More than I sleep
More than I drink
When u blink add the sixteenth
Know what I think...step in the ring
Lets talk trash clean it up super fast on the beats that I made didn't re(mix) didn't mash...crash
Spit it straight outta my mouth
Gotta get sum pull it out
Festering thoughts inside this shell
Lake of fire my heart can't tell
Whether you're heaven or if this is hell
I can't auction what's not mine to sell
I smoke more than I think more than I can't make up my mind find enough time read listen rhyme watching what's mine sour like lime
Clocks tick what I pick to let myself remember
no room for last Decembers escapades
I love our love and what we have made
But I am inclined to be all mine
Sit smokin in the shade make sure the bills get paid

Pay pay pay
What did you just say?
Heart shake everyday
Ya stick it in anyway
Wait wait wait
What did you just say?
We've done this every way
I guess I'm just afraid

I'm in a corner with my claws out to scratch
Born to buy build and snatch
We never had much choice
Our previous voice made enough noise
To send our futures hurtling outward into F5 too late to do anything about it territory
Track Name: Paid for What? (featuring t.f.)
You'll pay for what
You cost me cause
This lying was
What screwed me shut

Fragile thin milky skin
Body that you're wrapped up in
Causes too much happenin
Paper friend you're paper thin
I'd rather write you into being
Words create the shape I'm seeing
Avatar it's lust badu
Why can't I say what I know is true?

That I love you in a certain way
But I can't do the same thing everyday
Gotta turn around see what has past
To know that nothing ever lasts

Track Name: 2 Touch
I wanted to touch you
But I couldn't get through

Where'd you go lady?
I thought I left u right here
Wish u wouldn't wander off stay here...stay near
I've got some things to say to you but they're not what you want to hear
Push away just to pull you back closer now

I wanted to touch you
But I couldn't get through
So I touched myself instead...of you
Track Name: Earrings
Girl, those earrings
Bring all these feelings
They're not so bad, they're not so nice neither
Girl, those earrings

I can't finish anything
There's this flashing in my eye
I've got 3000 reasons why I don't understand why
I just can't stand to see you and I'm afraid to let you in
I just don't know I don't know I don't know what I don't know
Track Name: Timing
Hi my name is Jay-Cub
It is very nice to meet you
The moment that I recognized, I knew it like a read through
You can't be very hasty in a sticky one like this
I smell your flower under there and I want it on me...everywhere
I'm taking showers in your train of thought
I'm running through your hair
No one could ever notice, right?
No one could ever care
Chomping on your every bit
I just can't sit and wait and sit
And yet I do again and again
Check mate I'll never win
Girl ya gotta have patience...you will get what you want

"But I can't find the time"
"There is none of it, there is no time"
Track Name: Dreamer
Daydreamer daydreamer
I'm sure you had to see her
Somewhere else, she's anywhere else
Someone else you're anyone else
She ain't lookin cause she's tookin I'm sure you had to see her...daydreamer

Honey whatcha lookin at
Let me take a look at that
Well that looks like time to me
You and me until infinity
Wipe the glaze off realize
That underneath those lazy eyes
Synapses fire to make us sympathize
With our futures born to be
What will our baby look like?
Think like
Talk like
Chalk life

She got them wandering eyeyes
She own that growin hair
It's really no surprise
Her gaze is toward the air
Dreaming bout what comes next
Heart pumpin in her chest
Now is her favorite best
Not lookin for a nest
Track Name: Jay's Anything
Go ahead
Explain yourself away
Track Name: Flowers (She's)
I picked u a flower just to watch it die

And I can't even begin
Refuse diffuse and then
You'll find out just who is your friend
Can we acknowledge what's within?
Circles of known history
I know what's goin wrong with me
But I can't keep up with everyone
So I'll just pick these flowers for fun
Let them wilt no water in the sun
Righteous death inside this heat
Breath for dirt a meal to eat

And I couldn't say why I didn't even try
To save what little life it had before I picked it from the stem and wandered off and then again and again

You are...
So beautiful so pretty
Why are there oh so many
This land of wealth and plenty is becoming rather empty
Exempt me from all your games
File me down til I got no shame
Because I want to smell each littlle one
Watch them wilt, no water in the sun
Righteous death inside this heat
Breath for dirt a meal please!!!
Track Name: Singin @
I gotta figure this thing out
I can not fly with a wing out
So I just sit and sing now
Hard to believe how to now
But I can't just give it up
It's just so pivotal
You're oh so visceral
When you're miserable
Understanding is so demanding
Brain waves commanding our thoughts we gotta grab the wheel

Who'm I singing 2, is it u? Is it u?

You could be anybody
You could sing any song
I think of you without me
And I see nothing wrong