by CottonMouth

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all songs written and recorded by JayCub in Atlanta, GA between July 2013 and August 2014.
additional tracking done at the Noun Factory in Athens, GA.
I used 'u'
so get 'track 4' and listen up


released August 25, 2014

K Jrdt Collins plays bass on Hi, Boi
Shua Evans plays bass on U, No (I, Think)
Daddis Begley rips on West End
Tess Strickland gave me my name



all rights reserved


CottonMouth Athens, Georgia

“I had never seen the jungle. They fed me behind bars from an iron pan till one night I felt that I was Bagheera - the Panther - and no man's plaything, and I broke the silly lock with one blow of my paw and came away; and because I had learned the ways of men, I became more terrible in the jungle than Shere Khan.” ... more

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Track Name: Re(Can't)
Don't Be Afraid
Don't Be Scared
Track Name: My Name
i am the son
of something that will never come
can’t just do this just for fun
life and limb the numbers’ sum
equals desperately
needing an ear for fallen trees
wrap myself for sleep with leaves
sweetness, honey, the sting of bees
man-cub product of my placement
might not fit but you can find out what my space meant
I leave no trace when
I drink and stay in
surroundings keep on grounding when i got these wings
no need for things

when i got this air to breathe
bottle full throttle got me certainly
but i can’t say that i don’t love missing pieces
another beat someone to meet another thesis
i think i’d like to take another recess
animal free press
nominal me mess
laws of the land written by a different hand
respect the cub in me man and perhaps my be will be grand

sand trickles and my liver pickles
gripping the scythe and sickle with my every nickel
core is hard but most would find it far too far
to put down what’s in the heart express something besides what type of car
i’m in the real world and it’s not easy
kill to eat bones to beat meat man to please me
nobody sees me
know i got schemes secrets behind the themes ya know what i mean?

when i got this air to breathe
bottle full throttle got me certainly
but i can’t say that i don’t love missing pieces
another beat someone to meet another thesis
i think i’d like to take another recess
animal free press
nominal me mess
laws of the land written by a different hand
respect the cub in me man and perhaps my be will be grand

born by normal means
abandoned baby by the stream
the pack them yeah they heard my screams
from different dreams nightmare fodder
took my place just try to look me in the face
I killed the tiger, tamed the snakes
skinned it, folks are full of fakes
no shere khan could ever ever be on my level
people couldn’t handle my mind cause it’s the devil
learned all the laws here but i’m disheveled
jungle is harsh but it is here i have to revel
Track Name: Lighten
leave the 9-5, I’ve had enough of that
you might be surprised when you realize beats are fat when you sync like that
leave the bags you packed outside
don’t slow down we bout to ride
drop em like i drop dem dodos, thought you heard
eagle soaring, solo bird
know what to do when the truck come through
the one that runneth over
don’t slow, don’t fall down and sniff the cliffs of dover
here’s where’s your present? two bars in the future
check my skin, fingers in, find a sexy suture

say it! I’ll say it

i gotta lighten up the floor is crackin
underneath the weight we packing
slower slang is slack and
i gotta make em move

I gotta change what’s happenin

if the edge was a language then I feel like I’d be fluent
man this track is a banger, make em feel they going through it
stay and smile there’s no anger, I done smoke and drank right through it
trust in knowing the angle of a trigger, never pulled it
cold steel, hot flesh
bass pumping in your chest
hide and show my best
being lonely, anti-stress
trough crest up and down I’m such a mess
this was supposed to be a happy song, I got it all wrong
keep ya moving is what seems most vital
words we write are a trifle
american idols are suicidal
keep on hoping for something normal
If i grew fins, I’d shake my dorsal
each morsel of life must be chewed 25 times
like my rhymes and solving crimes
Track Name: Hi, Boi
I got so high, man i was sitting in my next life
I don’t know why I turned and asked her for a fast light
Cleared the corners, cobwebs cut with a flash light
Sped things, I always thought a little bit of gas might
Get us unglued, double time, chopped and screwed
Ain’t tryin to start a feud, just want a new point of view
New legs to cross too, fuzzy skin, peachy smooth
Sayer of sooth says we gonna get uncouth
If that’s the truth, then pour vermouth
We can do whatever we like
Learning like trikes, training wheel bikes
You gotta take them off eventually
Girl, there’s no telling where this night will lead potentially
Roll another spliff, we smoke for minds like penitentiaries
Lock em down, flippin frown, go to town, try to drown
Nostalgia sticking in my gut too much
It’s been this way way too long
I write this song, right this wrong
My past is just that…nerves to the touch

I need some things to look forward to bring mood rings ‘round to a deeper blue
Simmer stew and taste it slowly
Don’t get burned
A heart spurned is enough for metal stomachs to turn
I run to be alone, I stare at phones, I’m needing replies
Supply me with a reason to retire these sighs
Such why’s could only spin us glazing donuts
Ham-bone, yam-tone, sweeter to speed my flow up
A chain of throw up
A reactionary, reflexive yield
It’s a shield against feeling what I’m afraid to feel
I’m afraid to feel
So I get High

I get high boy
Don’t let no body bring me down
So get high boy
Don’t let no body bring you down
Track Name: U, NO (I, Think)
do we all just want to smoke forever
sit and sing together
share some feelings or whatever?
keep ticking hand collecting cheddar
for what’s best is better
we leave belongings in a letter
I leave love like a mangy shedder
I pet her irish setter
and what we got get wetter
my head is aching like after a header
she’s a sweeter sweater
but life span can’t get her
now i’m behind i think i know her mind
I gave her my grind, and we sang songs in time
percussive, my brain keeps up I find
that the more that i try, the farther that she flies
and those eyes
smugly sensitive
what would i do for her love to give
me a second one?
and i’m the second son
of a throne unwon
lips wrapped ‘round guns, metal taste, shot shuns

and I think you know
everything about me
like if I’m happy (or if i’m sad)

can’t help it, you know we never know (sometimes I want you back, you know I want you back)
what we got til it grows but hey least we can show
something to write about (But I know I can’t have you back, I can’t have you back)
a fire, it burns i shout, let what’s left get out
leave no stone undoubtedly
you always got me
not sure what we’re supposed to do
it’s true
so i write love to you (you know I’ve got your back, You know I’ve got your back)
reference those who came before
i know there’s more for sure
these last few months a blur
but you’re my girl
Track Name: Traze
So much inside that won’t escape
My hands are open, my mind agape
Begging for a spark, something to set fire
My life’s work is work, my body for hire
I owe it all to someone else
These things i live with are off the shelf
Nothing belongs to me I see that sleep is no longer my enemy
Dreams are easy, you can always wake up
Conscious again want to empty my cup
I’m not thirsty anymore, my lips are wet
Can’t find that feeling that i want you to get
Toking up, making thoughts
Left coast ripping, raking blots
I always wanted to want to stay
But at the end of every single day
I don’t want to do what anyone says

Can we agree on that? No
Allow me my head
Can we agree on that? No
Allow me my bed

Quilt where i tilt my hilt to grab my sword
I am floating away so now gravity is floored
The bandar log tempting cause I am getting bored
Let these emotions step up and be the lord
Gotta find one blue, one black
Experiment find out if one or two is whack
Tell me what you would do
What would you do with that?
It’s up to you in fact
But I’m gonna run you over if you’re on my track
So get out of the way
I got too much regret, I got too much to say
I got too much food on my tray

There’s really no need for bridges anyway
I got wrong’s to write
long history of mystery
Cursory, sensory factoids with slack voids
That’ll leave you hungry like a fat boy
And I’ll chill and sit with you and your crew
But I hope you gotta good view
Cause JayCub’s rollin on through
and I’m making the best
Track Name: T'Yet
Now, this is the law of the jungle
it’s only truth and sky
So, how could you?
Track Name: Sick (of the)
eye can only see me
eye can only envy
why is a needle intravenously
doping hope
eye lay in submission
eye know what is soft
signify what breath has spoken
and why eye will break it off
siamese wins
eye receive slim
picks to give and go
know holes with no
lights on
prance, toes tangled
find dawn
and hide yawns
from the very fawn
i had scoped for nights
to bed and now fright’s
filled my final pawn
as this game begins to conclude
eye seclude
eye peek at interludes

crude parade
of that shade of purple black
slick shellack
sliding scale
graded effortlessly
eye know what you scored
eye know why we’re bored
NSAIDS for gashes
candy for cavities
deeper reaching mold than that
shot shoot for feeding this depravity
back to me
eye can’t see in 1080p
fish eyes disguise reality
white people problem
we’ll float a boat on open salt
if it’s what we need
that is all
Track Name: Save Now
My reality begins behind shades
Masquerade this cavalcade cause I'm duckin fuckin blades
Like grass my ass is dodgin the crew cut paths
Move too fast, no way they can keep up and so we passed
The trash to  the grateful few
Who are you?
I keep em straight
I’m JayCub lake, I’m in tune
Lick the spoon, find the taste
They told you not to
Soon nobody got anything left to say

Hey this way
Follow blindly disarray
Red and raw never claimed
We just trucked and maimed
Same thang
Pointless steering
Do we do deville or dearing?
Gulping, doping can't be fearing
Life is purely what you're hearing
When u spend a sec by yourself
And disconnect and reflect context into your own shoes
don’t ask you so pale with the whites and blues
How bout choose to use privilege to expel what's used
Bought and broken, useless idea of a token
Words you've spoken have been quoted and your message is broken
I'm soakin in wits to save
But I can't find a fleeting second
Things are getting in the way
And I know what I got is grave
But it's brave and from there within
I might be thin but I am carrying a lot of weight
My fate seems to never rest
This test gets harder with every single question
Object lesson from the pinched nerve in my rhymes

Some times you just got to let it go
sell yourself until your sold
To the highest bidder
To the highest bidder

who’s got me tonight
all this bombast elements like i’m feather light
keep it tight
don’t let it out of my sight
crisp like sprites i might see through my self again
deny tonight
goodbye tonight
turn off the light
try to fight
the urge of sight and feeling left out